How to Find Your Excellence and Quit Mediocrity

How to Find Your Excellence and Quit Mediocrity

Too many people are living a life of mediocrity.

Yup, I said it.

They are going day in and day out just being mediocre in their work, mediocre in their relationships, and mediocre in their lives.

I recently talked about how to crush your fears. In this post, I'm going to focus on the how to discover your unique talents and strengths to pull yourself out of the doldrums of mediocrity.

stop being a jack of all trades

Have you ever heard that saying, "Jack of all trades. Master of none."?

It's so true!

Basically it means that you have many skills in many things, but you're so busy learning new skills, you never really master a single one. 

This mentality breads mediocrity.

It's extremely difficult to be really, really good at everything you do. You'll have a much easier chance to be excellent in something if you focus on the "less is more" approach.

It all goes back to working in your strengths zone. If you spend time and energy developing your innate, natural talents, they will become a strength.

A strength is the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance in a specific activity.

By working in your strengths zone, you have the capability to do amazing things.

For example, let's say you're interviewing for a new job. You'd never tell the recruiter, "I can do anything/everything." The recruiter isn't looking for someone who can do everything. They are looking for someone who can do one specific job really well. They want someone who can perform the very specific set of job responsibilities they have outlined. They are looking for only one person for the job.

If you present yourself as the jack of all trades, you can probably kiss that job goodbye.


FINE TUNE your niche

Stop being all things to all people!

Defining your niche and getting really specific on who you serve will also help you find excellence and avoid mediocrity.

Let's say you're an entrepreneur. To have a more successful business, you need to niche down to your target market and offer a very specific product or service to that audience. You want your prospective customer to say, "Yes, that's me!" or "Yes, I need that!" when they are considering your product or service. 

Let's say there are two entrepreneurs who are selling fitness and nutrition services. Sally's niche is helping women tone up and eat clean. Rita's niche is helping postpartum women lose their baby weight to fit into their pre-baby jeans in 90 days. 

Which person is going to find more excellence in their business? You guessed it, Rita.

Rita's niche is far more specific and even includes a qualifier (such as postpartum women) and a quantifier (in 90 days). She is catering to a very specific audience, which means that she's much more likely to attract her ideal audience and more likely to provide excellent services because she knows her customer's really specific pain points and goals. She can also spend her time, energy, and money marketing to her specific client instead of wasting her time, energy and money to a super broad audience.

In another example, if you are trying to find your niche in your business, you'd never say, "I help "people" do "everything in business." Um, no. That will not make me run to work with you. But, if you say, "I help new female coaches overcome the tech overwhelm when it comes to creating their first Facebook ad." 

Okay! You're now talking to a specific niche with a really specific offer. People will now say, "Oh, that's me! I need that!" when they see your marketing.

Stop looking for a needle in a haystack and narrow down your niche in order to find your excellence.

What are some other ways you've stepped into your excellence? Comment below!