The #1 Key to Your Personal Brand

The #1 Key to Your Personal Brand

I often get asked what the number one key to your personal brand is. The answer to this question is simple.


Discovering your personal brand is all about being more of who you already are. Your personal brand is a reflection of your true self. It's what lies inside you. And, it just happens to be super important if you want to be successful.

Being authentic means being genuine. It means tapping into your unique, natural talents and character traits. It's from these very unique talents and traits that your identity stems from. So, in order to be the person you were made to be, in order to be successful in business, in order to be a great leader, in order to build relationships - you name it! - you must be authentic in everything you do.

When in doubt, do a gut check. Does what you're doing feel like you? Do your actions align with who you are? Are you speaking in a way that is genuine to you? Are your presenting yourself in a way that reflects who you are?

I like to compare your personal brand to a tree.

The Personal Brand Tree - The roots are your DNA. The truck is the foundation to which the branches grow from (your authentic self). The branches are your strengths.

The roots of the tree are like your DNA. It’s where everything starts. Every tree has their own roots from which their growth stems from. No one tree is alike. Sure there are similar trees in the forest, but not a single tree is exactly identical to another. This is because they all have their own roots, or their own “DNA". 

The trunk of the tree is the foundation to which the branches grow from. It’s the base of the tree. Without the trunk, a tree is not a tree. In your personal brand, your “trunk” is based on your DNA, it’s your authentic self. It’s where your natural talents, traits, and values live.

The branches of the tree are your strengths. With some nurturing – water, fertilizer, and time – branches grow. Similarly, when you invest and spend time getting to know your unique self, your talents grow into strengths.

These strengths are what make you stand out from every other person and are what will bring your business success.

So, let that authenticity shine!