Maintain Your Strengths Like You Maintain Your House

Maintain Your Strengths Like You Maintain Your House

Your strengths are just like a house.

If you don't provide maintenance on your house, it will become dirty, things will break or stop working, things will fall apart, the structure will become weak.

Just like you would do maintenance on your house to keep it up, you need to also do maintenance on your business and your strengths.

Ignoring your strengths, or not spending enough time working to leverage and maximize your strengths, will weaken your strengths. Just like a muscle that has been in a cast for months takes time, investment, and practice to build back up and be strong again...Just like a house that has been left sitting for months (or worse, years) with no maintenance, your strengths need to be maintained and "worked out" often to stay strong.

If you don't spend time strengthening your strengths, here's what will likely happen:

  1. Your confidence tanks
  2. Your productivity takes a major hit
  3. Your frustration increases
  4. Your happiness decreases
  5. You stop showing up authentically as you
  6. You aren't working with the clients you really want to be working with
  7. Your business won't see the success you desire
  8. You aren't making the sales you could be

If you nurture, maintain, tweak, practice, and leverage your strengths continuously, you will create a really strong business that will stand the test of time.

Here are some questions to REFLECT ON when thinking about how you can better maintain your strengths and your business:

  • Has an old process (or way of doing things) stopped working?
  • Are there are things that just don't feel good anymore?
  • What is working for you, and how can you do more of that?
  • How can you spend more time practicing your areas of strength?
  • Are you doing activities that drain you or suck your energy?
  • Are your systems and technology supporting your business like they did at the beginning? Do they need improving?
  • Do you need new strategies in your business that align better with where you want to go now?
  • Do you need more support in your business, and more support that complements your strengths (and manage your weaknesses)?

Be honest with yourself and provide that maintenance on your business!

Download Printable Planner Pages from The Strong Business Planner™ to help you better leverage and maintain your strengths:

free your strengths

The Free Your Strengths printable planner pages are designed to help you free up your strengths more often. 

This worksheet is based on Marcus Buckingham’s Free Interview™. 

stop your weaknesses

The Stop Your Weaknesses printable planner pages are designed to help stop using your weaknesses, or to better manage or neutralize them. 

This worksheet is based on Marcus Buckingham’s Stop Interview™.