#MyStrengthsStory: How My Strengths Impact My Life or Business

Dear {fill in your name here},

I'm about to real and raw here.

I've let you down. Big time. (or at least that's how I see it)

And let me tell you why.  

You see, it all starts with my strengths. 

I am really, really good at connecting with people one-on-one. In fact, Relator (on the StrengthsFinder® assessment) is in my top strengths which means I really like getting know people on a deep level (small talk isn't really my thing). If you've gotten on the phone with me before, you and I are likely still good friends today because I love building deep friendships. 

However, (and this is where the "I've let you down" part comes in), I'm not that great at sharing my whole self with you. If we're connecting one-on-one, no problem! If I'm coaching a small group, great!

But, when it comes to me showing you the *real* me, in a larger group setting, on a larger platform. Yikes! Not my natural cup of tea!

The funny thing is, I have a huge (and I'm talking huge) passion for making a difference in your life. I crave to do really significant work and change lives, not just businesses. Not surprisingly, Significance is another one of my top talent themes. I hate doing work that feels like it's not important. And sometimes I wonder if all of my content is even helping anyone. Is anyone really listening? I love doing significant work with my paying clients, but I want to do significant work with all of the lives I come in contact with. I want to impact your life and business. I want you to look back on your journey with hopefully a thought that I made even a small difference.

Speaking of content, another top talent themes of mine is Learner. I absolutely love learning, and therefore I love teaching as well! But, I will be honest, it's easy for me to teach. In fact, I almost became an adjunct faculty at a local University near me a few years ago, but held off on class selection and starting due to various factors.

Sometimes, it becomes a veil of sorts—because it's so easy for me to put on my teacher's hat. And when my community asks me something, I want to deliver, which sometimes causes me to want to do too much teaching, which may get in the way of your own personal growth journey.

What I've worked hard on this year, and will continue to improve on, is to empower my community to find the answers within themselves by asking powerful questions, instead of giving my two cents. After all, that's what coaching is all about, right? 

While I am also a consultant at some times, I'd rather put on my coaching hat more often than my consulting one. Plus, I really believe *you* are the expert on you and are fully capable of being the CEO and making decisions in your business.

What does all this mean?

  1. I'll be sharing more stories about myself and how my strengths play out in my life and business, letting you in to really get to know me. The real me. 
  2. I'll be sharing more stories as I see strengths play out in other people that I think would be beneficial to share. I see strengths in play all day, every day!
  3. I'm putting my coaching hat on more, rather than my teaching or consulting hat, to empower you to find the answers within yourself. (Disclaimer: Sometimes I'll do some consulting/teaching, but my goal is to stay in my coach zone 95% of the time because I think it will serve you the best).


In an effort to help you find my personal strengths stories in the community or on my blog (or other social media), I'll be using the hashtag #MyStrengthsStory for anything personal I'll be sharing that I think you can draw a lesson from.

My Challenge to You

I'm also going to challenge you with something.

Your challenge is this: I want you to join me in sharing your strengths stories with your communities (and in mine) using the hashtag #MyStrengthsStory when you share. 

I want you to show people who you really are, where your strengths shine, how you put your strengths to work, how you discover more about your strengths every day, where your weaknesses get in your way, if (and when) your strengths were untapped or underutilized, or when they went on overdrive and frustrated you. Be real, be raw. 

Life and business aren't perfect. Neither is your strengths journey and learning how to leverage your strengths. 

For some of you, this may be easier than others. Especially if you naturally have talent themes such as Woo, Communication, or Empathy. It may be easier for you if you're an extrovert (trust me, Introverts, I get it! I'm one too!).

But, I truly believe one of the best ways we can grow as a human being is to learn from others and to focus on our personal development. Being real and honest will help you do both.

I also think sharing these stories is great reflection for your business and will allow you to better leverage your strengths in the long run.

So, who's up for the challenge?!