Playing to Your Strengths to Boost Your Know, Like, & Trust Factor

As an online entrepreneur, a big part of "selling" is boosting your know, like & trust factor! After all, people do business with people the know, like, and trust!

There are many different ways you can boost your know, like, and trust factor, but I like to focus on playing to your strengths to build your personal brand.

I was recently interviewed by Britney Gardner for her podcast, The Know Like & Trust Show. Listen to the podcast here, Playing to Your Strengths to Boost Your KLT Factor.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Your innate talents, those things that come naturally to you
  • What makes you unique that will make you successful. The success of your business lies in your personal brand.
  • Weakness fixing can prevent failure, but strengths building is what leads to success.
  • How I learned about the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment through a toxic work environment and realized I wasn’t happy in life because I was not honoring my own strengths.
  • The difference between Cadillac and Chevy-level work.
  • Balconies and basements, and why even your strengths have downsides.
  • I talk about what you need to do first, before you can delve into logos, colors and websites.