The Positive Power Gratitude Has on Your Business {+ Free Workbook and 4 Gratitude Exercises}

The Positive Power Gratitude Has on Your Business + Free Workbook and 4 Gratitude Exercises

Gratitude has been studied for generations and is a key player in the study of positive psychology (which is what strengths-based development is rooted in as well). It's an emotion expressing appreciation for what we have. 

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough.
— Melodie Beatty

Gratitude is actually something that can be cultivated and practiced. The more you can practice gratitude, the more optimistic and happier you become. And, practicing gratitude can help entrepreneurs generate more revenue as well!

8 reasons expressing gratitude can add to your bottom line & make you a better entrepreneur

1. Gratitude attracts what you want: This comes down to the law of attraction - whatever you focus on and think about the most is what we'll attract into our lives and our business. The more thankful you are for the blessings you have, the more of those types of blessings will continue coming your way.

2. Gratitude nurtures your relationships: Showing gratitude toward others strengthens your relationship with them. Being thankful for someone's unique personality, talents and strengths, and actions can improve your friendship, client-coach relationship, mentor relationship, etc. The more you can freely express your gratitude towards the relationships in your life (and inside your business), the stronger that relationship will become.

3. Gratitude boosts your confidence: Sometimes showing yourself gratitude can be hard, but being thankful for your own talents and strengths can greatly improve your confidence because it keeps your best talents and traits at the forefront allows you to focus on those instead of your weaknesses.

4. Gratitude increases your energy and productivity: Being thankful for your own talents and strengths will allow you to step into those talents and strengths and really own just how uniquely amazing you really are. Spending more time working in your areas of strength will give you more energy for the activity you are doing and will increase your overall productivity because you are doing things you really rock at.

5. Gratitude reduces stinkin' thinkin': Showing yourself your unique strengths (and others gratitude for their unique strengths) will reduce negativity and get rid of what I call, stinkin' thinkin'. Negativity is going to have a hard time showing up when you are showing appreciation.

6. Gratitude helps you learn: Showing gratitude allows you to see the opportunity and appreciate the good and bad side to every situation. It allows us to be thankful for the opportunity to learn something new, learn from our failures or mistakes, and learn from our successes.

7. Gratitude decreases your stress and anxiety: Being an entrepreneur can be pretty stressful at times. But showing gratitude routinely can help decrease your stress-level and anxiety because you're not focused on what went wrong or your weaknesses (or why you think you're not good enough); instead, you're focused on what went right and what you are amazing at.

8. Gratitude heightens your spirituality and connects you more deeply to your overall purpose and message: Gratitude gives you the ability to deeply connect to your big "why" as an entrepreneurs...your purpose. It allows you to more easily communicate what your message is your audience and why your work matters. It gives you the ability to see something bigger than yourself and keeps you focused on your why.

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.
— John F. Kennedy

Download the Gratitude Workbook, "8 Reasons Expressing Gratitude Can Add to Your Bottom Line" to help you work through expressing more gratitude in your business. Includes 4 bonus gratitude exercises. Fillable PDF.

There are several things you can do right now to express more gratitude in your business.

exercises to express your gratitude

1. Write a gratitude letter to yourself: Write a letter to yourself showing appreciation for your unique talents, strengths, success, opportunities, and results you've achieved.

2. Think about your gratitudes daily: Each day, think about one or two things that you can be very grateful for that day and why you are grateful for those things. "Things" could be situations you went through, clients you worked with, opportunities that were presented to you, your strengths you were able to utilize, connections you were able to make, money you generated, new clients you booked, etc. You may even want to use a daily Gratitude Journal to write down your daily gratitudes in a place where you can always reflect back on them - check out my Gratitude Journal planner page from The Strong Business Planner, as an example.

The Gratitude Journal printable planner page from The Strong Business Planner™ is designed to identify and appreciate things you are grateful and thankful for, including your own strengths.

3. Verbally express your gratitudes freely: Verbally express what and who you are thankful for, openly and freely. It's one thing to "think" it, it's another to verbalize your thoughts and feelings, which makes them more real.

4. Demonstrate your gratitudes: Even if you aren't very good at words, you can demonstrate your thankfulness, appreciation, and gratitude towards others and yourself. Maybe you pay for someone else's coffee in the line behind you because you are grateful you signed an extra client that week, or you send your client a handwritten letter of thanks. For yourself, you can give yourself extra self-care time like booking a massage, taking a hot bath, or giving yourself an extra 30-minutes in your day to read a fun, new book.

Ultimately, gratitude is an attitude, a choice and a habit. When we consciously practice being grateful for the people, situations, and resources around us (as well as ourselves) we begin to attract better relationships (and our ideal clients), increase our productivity, and produce better revenue and results. 

What exercise will you implement today?