Your Weaknesses Are Not What You Think

Your Weaknesses Are Not What You Think

Let's get super clear on what your strengths and weaknesses are and what they are not.

Simply put:

A strength is an activity that strengthens you.

A weakness is an activity that weakens you.

Even if you're really good at something, but it drains all your energy and you loathe doing's a weakness for you.

Strengths aren't just things that you're "really good at". They have to be things that you enjoy doing, that bring you energy, that fill your soul with joy, that bring you happiness, that you look forward to doing again, etc.

Here's a simple exercise to help identify your strengths vs. your weaknesses:

Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the center of it. For one week, make a list every day of the things you LOVED on one side (the things that brought you joy, energy, excitement, happiness) and the things you LOATHED on the other side (things that drained your energy, that you hated, that you procrastinated doing, that you wish you never had to do again).

The things in your LOVE column are most likely your strengths.

Comment below - did you identify any new strengths that you didn't realize you had before? 

Download the Free Printable Planner Page to help you discover potential areas of strength and weakness:

The Peaks + Pits printable planner page is designed to help you identify potential strengths and weaknesses by looking at the strong and weak moments of your day.