"I knew what my strengths were, but I wasn't using their potential fully to grow my business. Also, I wasn't paying enough attention to the negative effects or basements of my strengths and was often getting stuck there not knowing how to turn them into positives. I felt like there was so much more I could do with my strengths, so much more "leverage" I wasn't using. After working with you, I finally understood how to use my strengths to my benefit and how to avoid pitfalls. I got so much clarity out of our time together! I immediately started using my strengths to plan new offerings. I would highly recommend working with you to EVERYONE ready to own their strengths and build a business that's in their zone of genius. You're awesome. Period."


"I am so happy that I worked with Joy. I feel so much more confident overall, and I love that I know how to infuse my strengths into my business and what I do. Go work with Joy right now. It is so good for you to understand your strengths, not only for your business but also for your life and parenting. I just felt like things made sense when I learned about my strengths."



"My coaching experience with Joy was awesome. She helped me look at each of my strengths from the perspective of both the high points as well as the shadow sides of my strengths that I may need to watch out for. So valuable!

I really appreciated how she helped me look at each of my strengths in a way that would help me with my marketing and my business. She had ideas that I hadn’t thought of before, so that was really cool. And for the shadow side of things, we talked about doing what comes naturally — so instead of trying to strengthen my weaknesses, I can surround myself with people that have other strengths to balance things out. Loved that idea.

She went really in depth as she explained things, but she wasn’t just lecturing and telling me about my strengths the whole time; she asked me questions and gave me the space to reflect and get further clarity.

Not only was she great for bouncing ideas off of and coming up with new ways to use my strengths, but she’s also really easy to be with, and she knows her stuff. My Strengths Sprint pointed me toward what I am meant to be doing, and I think it's so cool that Joy has created a community where we can focus on our strengths and stop the idea of being "well-rounded" and a jack-of-all-trades. Sending big love to Joy for this great message she's sharing with the world...it matters!" 

mona wimmer
resilience coach

"Not only does Joy really understand strengths and how to leverage them, she is amazing to be around! Her energy is infectious, and you'll want to learn all about your talents and how to immediately start using them. I really appreciated the help in understanding the potential challenges with each talent as well (basements) so I know what to watch out for and how to overcome them. I feel so much more in tune to what I know I'm good at and am excited to continue to be guided by them as I make decisions in my business. I'm looking forward to paying attention to my strengths and creating a business that is alignment with them, rather than trying to build something that would be harder than it needs to be."

Brand messaging coach

"Thank you for opening up my eyes into how to leverage my strengths! You've given real tips that I can implement, and I'm excited to try them out. I now feel that I can recognize when I'm falling (or have fallen) into a "basement" of my talent theme, or an area of weakness, and can pull myself out of it before it becomes an issue, gets in my way, or frustrates me. This has been invaluable for me. I foresee my business modifying and improving in certain ways now that I understand my natural strengths better. If you're considering working with Joy, go for it! It's one thing to know your strengths...it's another to know how to use them!"

isabel pinaud
graphic designer + illustrator

"You helped me see exactly who I am and that identifying this through my strengths made things “OK”. It made them tangible for me. I never really looked at myself as a relationship builder or executor, but after explaining it, I recognized that it’s exactly who I am and what I love. I am more confident and clear on where I’m headed. I don’t second guess myself as much as before."


"Before working together, I was in a funk and knew I wanted to get in the flow of my strengths. I had some awareness but I was struggling to identify what I needed to shift. You helped me identify and accept where my Achiever strength was being overused to the point of burnout. I had a feeling, but there is nothing that can be replaced being personally coached through it with kindness and empathy. You really got me thinking more about the activities that drain me so that I can avoid them and focus on the things that light me up so I can be both better at my business and enjoy it more. Working with you helped pull me out of a negative mental state and gave me hope. I foresee a whole different, more enjoyable trajectory for my life and business because of your influence."


"After working with you, I learned to view my strengths in a new light and, more importantly, how to manage the weaknesses within them. I strengthened my self-confidence and have started to own my expertise in research and data analysis as the foundation for my business development coaching business. If you are considering working with Joy, do it! Joy will help you become more aware of and start to use your natural talents in your life and business."


"I thought I knew what my strengths meant, but I wasn’t sure how to use them in a way that could help me move forward with being productive in my business. You have helped me to use my strengths as a starting point for project ideas that I know I will love. I am much more aware when potential clients mention something that falls into one of my top strengths, and I instantly perceive it as a compliment. I am then able to better articulate how those qualities can be helpful when I am working with them. I am far more confident than I was before and have better task management skills. You are very skilled at interpreting strengths and knowing how to best use them in business. When I mentioned the areas I was struggling, you were able to guide me to a solution leveraging my own strengths. Working with you was so beneficial to giving me clarity on how to plan for my business. Before we worked together I felt super overwhelmed and unsure why I was stuck. After our time together, I have a clear plan of attack. Thank you so much for all of your support!"


"Joy was extremely helpful in helping me gain awareness of my strengths and how to leverage them in my business and life. I was able to set the foundation of my business with a strengths focus. I learned so much about myself and my business during our time working together. Joy has changed my approach to my business. Before working with Joy, I used to think I needed to fix my weaknesses and that there was something wrong with me because I didn't do things like most people. I now know my strengths are what make me unique and successful. I no longer worry about my weaknesses as I know I can just use my strengths to minimize them. I now use my strengths every day, which allows me to be more effective and efficient with my time."

non-dieting Accredited PractiCing Dietitian

"I feel more confident that I have something to offer by identifying and discussing my signature strengths with Joy. Learning from her experience in her own entrepreneurial journey helped me gain momentum instead of having to figure it all out on my own & make a ton of mistakes along the way. Her Strengths Sprint program far exceeded my expectations in ways I couldn't have predicted."

Business & Clarity Strategist

"After my Strengths Sprint coaching session with Joy, I was able to gain more clarity on what strengths I have that I can leverage when building my startup business. Joy was extremely helpful because she explained each strength thoroughly and clearly. I went from being confused to being excited and encouraged. Not only did Joy help me narrow down my options for a possible niche, but she helped me realize that I have strengths that I can monetize and use to make a difference in other people's lives. Joy is awesome! She is very easy to talk to and open up to. She explains things very clearly, and I never felt judged. She is a fantastic coach."

Myla Saavedra

"After I took the StrengthsFinder® assessment, I wasn’t surprised by my strengths; however, I had no idea how to use them in my business to help it grow and to accomplish my tasks in the most efficient manner possible. After working with you, I was better able to see how sometimes I get “stuck” in some of my strengths, which has been preventing me from moving forward with my goals! It had never been outlined so clearly to me before. Already I’ve been able to recognize when my strategic strengths take over and cause me to get stuck in analysis paralysis. Now that I know what some of my other top strengths are, I am able to put them into the mix and start taking action! I would definitely recommend someone to work with you! You’re a wonderful conversationalist, very knowledgeable and relatable, and I think there’s a lot of value in knowing how to best leverage your strengths to make things happen in your business."

and "What is this, black magic!? I've literally been drumming my fingers on my face for a week to write copy for my new site and then all of a sudden all this beauty is flowing out of my keyboard. You are a miracle worker, Joy!"


"I liked that Joy outlined my strengths and talked through what they actually meant so that I could gain more clarity around what they were and how to best use them. Joy is a great resource for helping you connect with your strengths and weaknesses."

elizabeth salazar
marketing strategist

"Before working with Joy, I wasn't sure which of my strengths were helpful in moving my business forward or how they could work together. But, after working with Joy, I had greater confidence and cleaner business systems. A big takeaway for me was recognizing how to manage my "basements" of my talents. Also, I learned how I could use my strengths to create sustainable systems for content creation, to repurpose content with ease, and better track contacts and leads with a relationship management system. Joy has great insights about how to make your strengths work for you in your business. She's there every step of the way."

and "Can I just say that Joy has given me a content generation system that means I can produce 2 weeks of content in 30 minutes?!"

lindsey nelson
academic empowerment coach

Anonymous Love Notes:

"Celebrating a small victory today, landed my dream client last week and loving project management again! Also sold my first unit of a digital product ($7) so hoping to keep the momentum! ...I have to give you some more praise. Had another great discovery call today. Without the insight into who I am and an understanding and OWNERSHIP of what I need in a business to be happy, the call would not have been as fantastic. In fact, the call would not have even happened, as I would have balked at the opportunity. While it may not be a million dollar project, it is EXACTLY what I need and want, and I am stoked to have the opportunity in front of me. I should also mention I sold the same $7 digital product for $17 last week, completely passively. No idea how she found me. Score! Growth, even slow, is 10000x better than the completely stalled point I was at before I was working with you."


"Joy, you are MAGIC ✨✨✨"


"I love you and everything you do, Joy! You've helped me more than you know. I have a much clearer direction after working with you and after leaning in to embrace my strengths. Thanks again, Joy.  You are the best! It's awesome watching you model being a business woman with heart and integrity. I appreciate it more than you'll ever know."


"Through an awesome call with Joy last night, I've come to realize that I need to slow down and tune into me. Through dissecting my strengths and seeing that I'm currently in the "basements" of a lot of them, I have learned that I need to take a break from my self-imposed deadlines and just tune into my own intuition. I'm working on finding my own way again and it has to start with me. Thank you, Joy, for your wisdom and advice. You've changed the way I'm going to look at my future endeavors."


"Thank you so much for the workshop, it was truly amazing! The best coaching experience I've ever had by far!! You're an amazing coach, Joy!"


"What a joy to work with you. I really gained confidence to move forward. So glad we connected!"


"After working with Joy, I realized that I had such wonderful strengths that I had not been sharing fully with the world."

The Strong Business Planner Love Notes

The Strong Business Planner is a printable planner, created by Joy Martinez, for entrepreneurs that is focused on helping you create a strong business that leverages your strengths.

Here is a snapshot of some customer love notes:

The Strengths Empowered Entrepreneur Podcast Love Notes

"Just wanted to say - I've been so blessed by your podcasts. They are amazing!"

"You are doing an amazing job [at your podcast]!"

"I'm enjoying your podcast so much, Joy. You're doing an awesome job."

"Your podcast is on my favorites list!"

"Today's podcast episode was exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you so much for always helping us better understand our strengths and how to work with them!"

"Your voice is so easy to listen to. You were made for podcasting. I'm going to be listening every week!"

"Love your message! I'm listening to your podcast now and am following you on Facebook. Wishing you all the best with this!"