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The Strengths Empowered Entrepreneur Podcast is a podcast where driven entrepreneurs come together to celebrate their unique talents, leverage their strengths to serve and change the world, lead with purpose, and unapologetically be their authentic self so they can create more success, joy, and impact in their business and in the lives of those around them.




The Strong Business Planner™ is a printable planner for online entrepreneurs designed to help you create a strong business that leverages your strengths. Get the individual planner pages for $2.99 each or the full planner bundle for $49.99Click on each image to find out more details or download:


Download two free printable planner pages designed to help you plan your monthly goals and spend more time working in your zone of genius. These are exclusive pages from The Strong Business Planner™ and were designed to help you create a strong business that leverages your strengths.



  • I am worthy of receiving. I now release everything that is not serving my highest purpose.

  • I am in the process of becoming the best version of myself.

  • Peace comes naturally when I stop resisting it.

  • Peace is my natural state of wellbeing.

  • I choose to not change who I am, but rather become more of who I am, at my best.

  • I will not strive to be perfect, rather I will strive to be my best self.

  • I will work towards excellence, not perfectionism.

  • Everything I need is already within me.

  • I am wondrous, wise, and wealthy.

  • I am right where I need to be.

  • I speak truth. I am authentic.

  • I invite awe inspiring magic into my life always.

  • I have the power to create change.

  • I trust divine timing. The universe always has my back.