You want to make an income and an impact doing what you love, but you...

  • Aren't 100% sure what your natural talents really are 
  • Are getting stuck in comparisonitis, imposter syndrome, shiny object syndrome, analysis paralysis, or some other mindset hurdle that is getting in your way from really achieving the success you deserve
  • Aren't confident in how to articulate your strengths and value to your dream clients in a way that will resonate with them and convert them to paying clients
  • Don't have enough consistent clients yet and you're getting frustrated that people aren't connecting with your message (or you?) the way you thought they would
  • Are getting hung up watching what others are doing online and wonder you aren't good at those same things (Is that something I should be doing? They are so good at that, why can't I seem to figure it out?)



I can help you discover and appreciate your strengths so that you can gain clarity on who you are, achieve your business dreams, and do what you love, every day.

A Strengths Sprint is a fast-paced 2-hour strengths discovery intensive designed to help you increase your awareness and appreciation for your unique talents so that you can get super clear, show up as your authentic self, attract your dream clients because they need your talents, and overcome any mindset issues like comparison, analysis paralysis, and imposter syndrome.


Clarity and confidence will be your two new best friends after this intensive.

In my corporate career, I leveraged my strengths to escape a toxic work environment. I built my personal brand and authority in marketing online which resulted in getting recruited not once, but twice for my last two corporate jobs, moving up in my career quickly. I was also recruited for three long-term consulting jobs due to knowing exactly how to showcase my strengths and personal brand to stand out in my industry.

In my first year of my coaching business, I leveraged my strengths again to build my authority online fairly quickly, becoming the go-to strengths expert, was featured in several industry interviews, grew an engaged Facebook community to 1,100+ members, and worked with some amazing clients.

In my first year of self-employment, I generated $85k in sales by leveraging my strengths, building my authority, and making sales in an authentic, feel-good way.

Check out what Mariana C. Ruiz, Business Coach, had to say after her Strengths Sprint →

While I can't guarantee you'll have your most profitable month to date like she did, I can guarantee I will put my everything into showing up 100% and helping you gain clarity and confidence.



  • Analyze and understand what your natural talents are using the StrengthsFinder® Assessment: Get personalized coaching on your natural talents and make sense of your assessment results
  • Get crystal clear on what your natural talents really are so that you can both appreciate and leverage them
  • Identify the balconies and basements of those talents so that you can stay in the positive zone of your strengths and not let overuse of your strengths get in your way from achieve your dreams
  • Uncover hidden strengths that you might know you you had
  • Feel confident in your unique value, ability to build authentic relationships, and make sales
  • Clarify your strengths so that you can create more intentional strong moments in your business (a strong moment is a moment when you feel energized, lit up, confident, powerful, productive, and happy!)
  • Learn what it feels like to work in your strengths zone so that you can identify when it you're working in your strengths and when you're not (and make adjustments as you go!)
  • Learn how to accept, appreciate, and love your unique strengths and value (a crucial step to being able to truly leverage your strengths!)
  • Shift your limiting beliefs to empowered, positive beliefs about your strengths
  • Embrace your strengths so that you can work through any mindset hurdle or block that you may have, including making peace with your inner critic
  • Overcome overwhelm and stop spending time fixing your weaknesses
  • Get out of analysis paralysis and start taking action towards your goals
  • Boost your productivity, focus, and efficiency so that you can get more done and make big progress towards your goals

As a Personal Strengths Empowerment Coach, my goal is to empower you to embrace your unique strengths, step into those strengths with confidence, and design a feel-good, successful business that you absolutely love.

I combine my strengths coaching training with my M.B.A., 13 years of marketing and business experience, and my own unique strengths to provide a coaching experience unlike any other.

If a business coach, mindset coach, life coach, and personal development mentor had a baby, that would kind of describe my coaching style and experience.

GALLUP Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment - I will give you an access code to take the Top 5 Strengths to gain a deeper awareness and appreciation for your strengths, which will ultimately give you the power in your business to focus on what you do really well, increase your confidence, and empower you to make a bigger impact - you will receive the following:

  • GALLUP Strengths Insight Report - a ranked listing with descriptions of your top five themes along with personalized strengths insights, which describe what makes you stand out from others with the same theme in their top five.
  • GALLUP Action-Planning Guide - a ranked listing with descriptions of your top five themes, your personalized insights, and questions for you to answer to increase your awareness of your talents. It also includes 10 ideas for action for each of your top five themes along with questions to answer. Plus, it includes examples of what each of your top five themes "sounds like" - real quotes from people who also have the theme in their top five, along with steps for you to take to help you leverage your talents for achievement.
  • StrengthsFinder 2.0 E-Book - you have access to download and read the e-book after you take the assessment.

75-minute Strengths Intensive - deep dive into your StrengthsFinder results. You will receive the following:

  • Balconies and Basements - highlights the parts of your strength with greatest potential (that you are most energized in), as well as the areas of vulnerability or barriers that may get in your way when a strength is overused or underutilized
  • Talents Awareness - we will discuss which parts of the talent theme descriptions most resonate with you
  • Talents Appreciation - I help you appreciate the power and opportunities that your dominant themes give to you and accept responsibility for developing them
  • Personalized feedback tailored for your unique talents and your business
  • 5 Exclusive pages from The Strong Business Planner™: Peaks + Pits, My Top 5 Talents, 5 Clues to Talent, Strong Moments, and Strength Statements
  • VIP Email + FB messenger support for two weeks

60-minute Strengths Check-up - check-up on your talents, tweak any strategies we discussed or review any a-ha moments, overcome any hurdles, continue work on appreciation and mindset pillar, and ensure alignment towards your business vision and goals.


Only $497 USD


The Strengths Sprint is focused on the first two pillars of strengths mastery - Discover and Appreciate:


Self discovery is the first part of self mastery & strengths mastery. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses and who you really are takes courage to face the truth of the within ourselves, flaws included.

Because your strengths are so natural and innate, they are often hard to identify, articulate, or communicate. This is why it's helpful to have a coach help you discover and articulate them, so that you know how to communicate them to your potential clients and implement them in your business.


Acceptance and appreciation for your unique strengths is not always easy but is necessary in order to truly leverage and support your strengths. Out of appreciation comes confidence, belief in your abilities, and inner peace.

The appreciation pillar is the most overlooked, but is the key to finding joy within yourself and maximizing your strengths in your business. It's the pillar most connected to your mindset and is vitally important to have a positive mindset and positive outlook on yourself in order to have a profitable, successful, and impactful business. 

what others have said after working with me:

Who is this program for? +

If you are a service-based online entrepreneur, coach, or consultant who is not sure what your unique talents and strengths or, or don't really appreciate what they are, this program is for you. If you are ready to discover what makes you so fabulous and are ready to step up to own your uniqueness factor to design a business you love, this program is for you. If you aren't sure how to market yourself in a way that feels authentic and good to you, if you aren't attracting (enough of) your dream clients, aren't using your strengths to impact the life/business of your client, or aren't sure what your zone of genius is, this program is for you. If you're feeling stuck in a rut and want to get into a good flow and ease in your business, focus on working in your strengths zone, stop being a jack of all trades, or want to boost your confidence and silence your inner critic, this program is for you.

Who is this program NOT for? +

This is not for those that don't believe they can get results from this program or who are not willing to invest in themselves. This program is not for product-based or network marketing business owners; It is designed for the service-based entrepreneur. And finally, this program is not for you if you feel you are crystal clear on your strengths and don't think you have any mindset work to do.

Do you offer refunds? +

I do not offer refunds. I believe that if you are going to invest in any type of professional service, you need to know/like/trust that provider before you hire them. You want to hear glowing reviews and really do your research on this person. I also believe when you go into something "knowing you have an out" you do not give 100%. This program WORKS if you work it. If you are in, you are 100% in and it is my job to make sure you are 100% in. .

Do you have any professional training, certifications, or degrees? +

Yes! I have a Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree from Western Michigan University. I was selected amongst 30 local millennials to go through a leadership program called Emerging Leaders. I have numerous marketing and marketing automation certifications. I've done the business side of two network marketing businesses for the last 15 years. I currently own a successful business with two arms to it - coaching and consulting (StrengthsDNA), and am the host of a podcast (The Strengths Empowered Entrepreneur). I have invested in thousands of dollars worth of coaching from the start of my business and worked with high-level coaches myself and will continue to do so in order to provide you with the best services I can and become my best self.

What are your dominant strengths as my coach? +

Great question! My top 15 strengths in the Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment are: Maximizer, Responsibility, Relator, Learner, Achiever, Futuristic, Significance, Strategic, Input, Focus, Discipline, Connectedness, Intellection, Belief. You can check out what these mean here at or go up to the About page on my site menu.


Start your journey towards clarity and confidence by booking your Strengths Sprint today. You'll soon be on your way towards designing a business that plays to your strengths and that you absolutely love!

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