Strengths Sprint Career Edition Program

  • I want to discover what my unique talents are
  • I want to succeed in my career, get a promotion, or change jobs/careers completely
  • I lack the self-confidence needed to "sell" myself in my career
  • I want to spend more time doing things that come naturally to me
  • I want to find happiness in my career 
  • I want to be able to better market myself or build my personal brand
  • I want to change careers, but am not sure of the direction I want to go next
  • I want to stand out in interviews by highlighting my strengths
  • I want to get promoted, but feel stuck with where I'm at

If you THOUGHT "yes, that's me!" TO ANY of these statements, you're ready to explore your innate, natural talents.

Success and happiness in your career and in your life can all be achieved. By learning, launching, and leveraging your strengths, you'll get clarity on who you are and be able to achieve your dreams.

Strengths Sprint Career Edition Private Coaching -

What is a Strengths Sprint?

Think of this like program like a nitro boost for your career.  I get that you are busy and sometimes a head start down the path of success is all you need to start achieving your dreams, rather than me being by your side for the whole race.


  • One 90-minute coaching strengths intensive call (deep dive into your Top 5 StrengthsFinder results and how you can leverage them in your business)
  • One 60-minute coaching call (scheduled approximately a week later)
  • StrengthsFinder® assessment - Top 5 strength theme results and reports, including a strengths insight guide and action-planning guide and tool
  • Balconies and basements coaching on each of your strengths
  • Assignments/Exercises specific to you and your personal strengths development
  • Personalized feedback and brainstorming tailored for you

Let's sprint towards your success!


Only $497 USD


private coaching with joy

I’m not your average coach. I'm not just focused on tactical marketing tactics to help you achieve business success. 

Sure, I have my MBA, but that doesn't mean we'll focus on business plans and tactics that are a better fit for the corporate world.

So, what makes me different? I personalize every private coaching experience instead of giving you general advice that you can Google on your own. No one business plan fits all people or all businesses. 

If we work together, our relationship will go a lot of further than the duration of the program. I am vested in seeing you reach your goals and succeed. You and me, we're in this together!

The biggest thing that sets me apart from most coaches is that I take a strengths-based approach to your development. I look at your personal strengths and help you invest in those to reach your business goals. I personally have spent years investing in my own strengths and know first-hand how powerful they can be. It's, in my opinion, the foundation for what your business should be built on. 

You can work on marketing tactics all day long to help you grow your business and attract your dream clients, but that will likely get you little or short-term success. Those same tactics are much more powerful if you've first discovered your personal strengths, identify how to invest your time in them, and discovered your personal brand.

The conventional way to coach is to focus on learning behaviors & tactics and fixing weaknesses (identify areas to improve and develop an improvement plan). My way of coaching is a strengths-based approach of development. We will focus on your strengths and manage around your weaknesses. When people learn how to consciously seek and invent ways to apply their talents to their goals and tasks, their ability to perform with excellence increases substantially. So, we will focus on what you do well.

People who know their talents and have the opportunity to use them at work are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs...People who use their strengths every day have 7.8% greater productivity.
— Gallup, Inc.

I will push you in our coaching sessions. Trust me, I wish there was an easy button, but since we know there isn't...You will need to make a personal commitment to not only show up to your coaching sessions, but also put in the work to achieve the success you desire. But, I know you can do it? Why? Because you already (or want to) started your own business and have the desire to see it succeed. I know you've dreamed about the business you desire, and I know dreams can be achieved if we put our minds to it. If you have the desire, drive, and determination to succeed, then you're ready.

What is strengths-based development and why is it important?

what you get from my private coaching:

  • Strengths-based: A strengths-based approach to building your dream business (no, that doesn't mean we'll completely ignore your weaknesses, but we will focus most of our time and energy on your strengths).
  • Support + Accountability: I know it's so easy to let life get in the way of achieving our dreams. With all of our life commitments, it's easy to keep pushing off our dreams and make excuses. But, I will be there for you every step of the way to ensure those excuses are thrown out the window.
  • Unique Knowledge: I have invested time, energy, and hard work educating myself in business, personal strengths, and current marketing strategies for years. I have my MBA, have 12 years of experience in marketing strategy, marketing automation, social media and email marketing, participated in leadership programs, attended marketing and advertising groups, attained marketing automation certification three-years running, worked as a marketing consultant for many different companies, have been involved with two different multi-level marketing businesses for the past 14 years, studied strengths-based development for the past seven years, am published on topics such as corporate culture and employee engagement, and continually stay up to date on industry trends. Learner is one of my top five StrengthsFinder® strength themes, so I'm always learning.
  • Commitment: I am committed to help you build your dream business. While there are no guarantees you'll achieve "x, y, or z", I will do everything in my power to help you get there. 


Find out about StrengthsDNA, Joy Martinez, and strengths-based coaching.

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