You have amazing strengths to share with the world and want to design a strong business that leverages your strengths, but you...

  • Aren't really sure what your natural talents really are.
  • Don't know how maximize and leverage your strengths so that you can show up as you best self.
  • Know you shouldn't be spending time fixing your weaknesses, yet aren't sure what other strengths can support you and how to design your business to really maximize your potential and get results.
  • Aren't sure how to align your goals, vision, values, and message with your strengths
  • Haven't spent the time to go through some business basics to set a strong foundation for your business

You have an important message you want to share with the world and you're ready to leverage your strengths so that you can make an impact and an income.



In my corporate career, I leveraged my strengths to escape a toxic work environment. I built my personal brand and authority in marketing online which resulted in getting recruited not once, but twice for my last two corporate jobs, moving up in my career quickly. I was also recruited for three long-term consulting jobs due to knowing exactly how to showcase my strengths and personal brand to stand out in my industry.

In my first year of my coaching business, I leveraged my strengths again to build my authority online fairly quickly, becoming the go-to strengths expert, was featured in several industry interviews, grew an engaged Facebook community to 1,100+ members, and worked with some amazing clients.

In my first year of self-employment, I generated $85k in sales by leveraging my strengths, building my authority, and making sales in an authentic, feel-good way.


  • Set big goals and action steps that are aligned with your strengths so that you can work towards reaching your dreams through inspired action.
  • Perform a monthly and yearly review of your business so that you can strategically make changes in your business and learn to be agile when things need to change.
  • Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses so that you have an awareness and appreciation for if you're working in your strengths (or not) and can adjust your actions if needed so that you continue on the path towards your big dreams.
  • Find the right support for your strengths and manage your weaknesses so that you can spend more time doing things that you're good at and that lights you up inside, rather than letting your weaknesses get in your way.
  • Figure out when you feel most strong and plan for more of those Strong Moments and Peaks in your business.
  • Work through how you can better maximize your strengths to reach your goals and make sales - not just "use" your strengths but how you can strategically make best use of them in your business.
  • Explore and understand your big message and vision so that you can stay laser-focused on your big picture vision for your business and make a really big impact with that message.
  • Set up the foundations of your business so that you can create a strong foundation to set you up for success.

6 Module Course (via a Trello board) that will walk you through business foundations, yearly and monthly review, strengths analysis, inspiration, vision planning, and goal setting. Complete with tips, additional resources, and instructions.


The Strong Business Planner™, my printable planner for online entrepreneurs that is designed to help you create a strong business that leverages your strengths! Includes 26 different planner page sets to help you develop your strengths, increase your productivity, and plan your business. ($49.99 value)


BONUS: Two additional bonus modules that complement the course: Planning Tips and Get Your Mindset in Check.


vip option also includes:

One 90-minute one-on-one strengths coaching call with me so that you can gain a deeper awareness and appreciation of your unique strengths and learn how to best leverage them in your specific business.



  • Learn three powerful steps to take before you even start setting your goals
  • Goal setting tips for each strength domain: Executing, Strategic Thinking, Relationship Building, and Influencing, so that you can set goals in a way that aligns with the natural way you think and do things
  • Get crystal clear on what your natural talents really are so that you can both appreciate and leverage them
  • Uncover hidden strengths that you didn't know you had
  • Discover your weaknesses so that you know exactly where you need support in your business to keep you on track to accomplish your big goals
  • Identify your core values so that you can design a business that aligns with what's most important to you
  • Uncover your inspiration for why you do business so that it can internally drive you towards your goals and success and keeps you laser-focused on sharing your message and making an impact
  • Determine your non-negotiables in life so that they don't impede on your success
  • Get crystal clear on what your natural talents really are so that you can both appreciate and leverage them, as well as understand what your weaknesses are so you can seek support in those areas
  • Clarify your strengths so that you can create more intentional strong moments in your business (a strong moment is a moment when you feel energized, lit up, confident, powerful, productive, and happy!)
  • Learn what it feels like to work in your strengths zone so that you can identify when it you're working in your strengths and when you're not (and make adjustments as you go!)
  • Create a talent map so that you can more deeply leverage your strengths
  • Learn the difference between inspiration and motivation so that you can find out what drives you from within
  • Use mantras and power words to help you stay on track with your vision and goals
  • Know exactly where you want to spend your money so that it has a purpose 
  • Determine what type of impact you want to make in the lives of your clients
  • Write a business vision so that everything you do is aligned with your greater vision
  • Create a promise statement for yourself and your clients so that you know what you are committed to doing (and not doing!) and can re-align if things get off track
  • Create actionable, relevant, intentional goals for your business so that you scale and grow your business and get the results that you're looking for
  • Create a weekly and monthly plan to help you get to your bigger goals
  • Tackle your to-do list in a unique way that helps you stay focused on what's most important and cut out what's not (aka: your not-to-do-list!)
  • Track your profits as you work towards your goals
  • Get your mindset in check with a daily mindset practice and gratitude journaling
  • Track your self-care efforts so that there is no excuse for not taking care of yourself in the process of building your empire

It's time to create your strong business:

Standard Option

VIP Option


If you already own The Strong Business Planner™, send me an email for a planner credit towards this purchase. This course uses the planner extensively, so you must have the planner in conjunction with the course itself in order to reap the benefits.


Who is this course for? +

If you are a service-based online entrepreneur, coach, or consultant who is not sure what your unique talents and strengths or, or don't really appreciate what they are, this course is for you. If you are ready to discover what makes you so fabulous and are ready to step up to own your uniqueness factor to design a business you love, this course is for you. If you're feeling stuck in a rut and want to get into a good flow and ease in your business, focus on working in your strengths zone, stop being a jack of all trades, or want to boost your confidence and silence your inner critic, this course is for you. If you want to better leverage your strengths and spend more time working in your strengths zone and less time in your areas of weakness, this course is for you. If you want to create a strong business through setting up the right foundation, vision planning, and goal setting, this course is for you.

Who is this course NOT for? +

This is not for those that don't believe they can get results from this course or who are not willing to invest in themselves. This course is not designed for product-based or network marketing business owners; It is designed for the service-based online entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants. That's not to say you won't benefit from it if you're not a service-based entrepreneur, but I want to be upfront that it was created with the service-based online entrepreneur at heart. This course is also not for you if you want an in-depth personalized private coaching experience. This a self-study course, but there is a VIP option which adds on one 90-minute 1:1 coaching session.

What is the format of the course? +

The course is a self-study format. Meaning, you will gain immediate access via email after with a link to the course materials and will go through the course content on your own, at your own pace, on your own time. However, there is a VIP upgrade to get access to a 90-minute 1:1 coaching call with Joy to help you with the course and get further strengths coaching if you prefer.

How is this course delivered? +

The course is delivered via a private course page. You will get access to download The Strong Business Planner™ and a link to a Trello board with all of the modules and instructions for how to complete the course.

What makes this course different? +

This course is designed to help you discover, clarify, leverage, and support your strengths so that you can create a strong business that plays to your strengths. It's not a one-size-fits-all business approach; rather, is designed to empower you to design your business in a way that feels authentic to you and how you naturally think, feel, and work.

How long will I have access to the course? +

Forever! Once you sign up, you will get immediate access to the materials and can continue referencing back to them over and over again, as many times as you would like.

Do you offer refunds? +

I do not offer refunds. I believe that if you are going to invest in any type of professional service, you need to know/like/trust that provider before you hire them. You want to hear glowing reviews and really do your research on this person. I also believe when you go into something "knowing you have an out" you do not give 100%.

Do you have any professional training, certifications, or degrees? +

Yes! I have a Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree from Western Michigan University. I was selected amongst 30 local millennials to go through a leadership program called Emerging Leaders. I have numerous marketing and marketing automation certifications. I've done the business side of two network marketing businesses for the last 15 years. I currently own a successful business with two arms to it - coaching and consulting (StrengthsDNA), and am the host of a podcast (The Strengths Empowered Entrepreneur). I have invested in thousands of dollars worth of coaching from the start of my business and worked with high-level coaches myself and will continue to do so in order to provide you with the best services I can and become my best self.

What are your dominant strengths as my coach (should I choose the VIP option)? +

Great question! My top 15 strengths in the Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment are: Maximizer, Responsibility, Relator, Learner, Achiever, Futuristic, Significance, Strategic, Input, Focus, Discipline, Connectedness, Intellection, Belief. You can check out what these mean here at or go up to the About page on my site menu.

Have another question? +

No worries! Simply send me an email at and I'll answer your question directly.


Create your strong business:

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