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On this episode, I’m talking with Anna Frandsen, a Business Mentor & Success Coach and Owner of Anna helps heart-centered entrepreneurs go from no business (or slow business) to landing their first paying clients so that they can serve the world with their passions while having the freedom to do what matters most!

She shares with us her unique strengths of Ideation, Belief, Positivity, Developer, and Maximzer (StrengthsFinder themes). She talks about how she tames her Ideation strength to cut back on all of the ideas she has into a few focused ideas instead that will serve her and propel her business forward. She also uses this strength to help her clients do the same, which is so important when fighting off the shiny object syndrome, especially when starting a business!

Her natural positive and encouraging nature brings a burst of energy and light that draws people in and helps her build relationships online. Her heart-centered approach to business definitely aligns with her innate talents and she brings her authentic heart to everything that she does. She coaches her clients from thinking, "I could do this thing" to saying "I am doing this thing". She even talks about some of her business accomplishments which include the accomplishments of her clients. This is her Developer strength coming out...she's patient with the inexperienced, recognizes and cultivates the potential in others, celebrates even small improvements and successes, and derives a great deal of satisfaction from the growth of others. Enjoy the episode!

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