The Strengths Empowered Entrepreneur Interview Series

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client attraction strategist, cassie howard

On this episode, I’m talking with Cassie Howard, a Client Attraction Strategist for women entrepreneurs that want to stand out, get visible, consistently land new clients, and make a boatload of cash.

She shares her top strengths - Focus, Consistency, and Determination - and how she's used those strengths to reach her goals in her business. She has been able to grow her business fast using these strengths, taking her business from zero to almost one million in sales in the first two years of her business.

Even though Cassie hasn't taken the StrengthsFinder® assessment yet, I believe her strengths translate to the Futuristic, Achiever, Focus, and Learner talent themes. Her big picture thinking allows her to easily set goals for her business and personal life and her focus and high achiever mentality allows her to execute and achieve those goals.

Cassie talks about the six things she focuses on every day in her business, including journaling and mindset, sales, lead generation, content creation, messaging, and money tracking, and how that has impacted her business. She also gives a few tips to keep in mind as you grow your business - keep it simple, be yourself, learn from your mistakes, and follow your own rules. Enjoy the episode!

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