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On this episode, I’m talking with Elizabeth Salazar, a Marketing Strategist and Owner of Get Visible Marketing.

Elizabeth helps women running service-based businesses online get visible, build their audience and drive traffic to all of their wonderful goodness. She mostly works with service-based business owners, such as Virtual Assistants, Graphic Designers, Copywriters, and more. 

On this episode, we chat all about Elizabeth's unique strengths in building relationships, teaching, and generosity. We talk about the strategies she uses to build trusting relationships both with her peers and potential clients, as well as how she uses video and interviews as her primary content to showcase her personality, strengths, and to connect with other awesome entrepreneurs! She's even used these relationship building strengths to grow her Facebook community to over 650+ members in just six short months.

Elizabeth answers one of my impromptu questions at the end, "If someone were to pull an "Elizabeth", what would that be?" - her answer fits her fun personality perfectly and also may just be the perfect side dish for some tacos! Enjoy the episode!

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