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On this episode, I’m talking with Helen Packham, a Transformational Life and Business Coach for Mum entrepreneurs (yep, she's British!). She supports women to gain the confidence, business know-how, and time and energy to build an online business truly aligned with their passion and purpose.

Helen is a fellow strengths enthusiast and her personal strengths are very apparent in her business. Empathy, compassion, and her ability to develop others are three of her top strengths.

She uses her empathy to step into the shoes of her clients and look at things from their perspective to better understand, establish trust, find common ground, build relationships, attract her ideal clients, and to influence others. She enables transformation in other people through self-discovery. Her compassion feeds into her vision to make a bigger impact and supports making a difference in many women's lives, empowering them to realize just how great they really are.

We chat about a time when she overused her empathy and compassion strengths, when she got into a place where she felt drained, was too subjective, and didn't manage her boundaries very well. This led into issues in her personal life as well. In order to get out of this negative space, she fell back on her strengths in order to go through self-discovery again...back to her values, her needs, her story, her beliefs. Through this discovery, she realized what she was meant to do, built a business based on those foundations, and helps her clients get really clear on their strengths and their unique ability.

She even talks about her non-negotiable bliss time that she has every day, which helps her feel replenished and rejuvenated, so that she doesn't fall to the bottom of the list. Enjoy the episode!

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