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On this episode, I’m talking with Jessica Rasdall, a Motivational Speaker and Coach who helps female entrepreneurs unearth their signature story, craft it like a pro, and share it with flare.

The first time I ever spoke to Jessica, she had me in tears, and you'll soon hear why when you listen to her story and how she got to where she is today. She had her world shattered in the matter of one night and one decision. She talks about how she lost who she was and how she found herself again. She realized she had a story that could help deliver a message of hope.

After speaking engagements, people would ask how they could work with her, how she could help them bottle up their message to share with the world. It was then that she added the coaching side to her business. Jessica helps her clients dig out their own stories and help them see what their bigger purpose is and how they can facilitate that in a way that brings hope to others.

One of Jessica's top strengths is her ability to see a different story than people tell. She listens for what's not said. She knows how to listen for the message and knows how to craft the story around that. She restructures your story as you tell it. I would venture to guess that Jessica has the Arranger StrengthsFinder® talent theme as she can easily put all of the puzzle pieces together and helps her clients arrange their stories in a way that will deliver the biggest impact. 

She talks about how she gives some tough love with her clients because she knows they can do more than they think, which I think may be a Developer talent theme since she's so driven to develop others through their story. She talks about her strengths in strategy and being a big picture thinker and how she manages her weaknesses of the little details with outsourcing. Enjoy the episode!

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