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On this episode, I’m talking with Lindsey Padilla, a Teaching and Learning Consultant and self-coined Rebel Professor. She helps entrepreneurs create courses, membership sites, workshops, challenges, webinars, live streaming, email sequences, and more that their clients can actually learn from, apply and implement, and get results from. She empowers entrepreneurs to see themselves as teachers and see their clients as students who are absorbing the materials they are putting out there. 

Her philosophy is that “you’re teaching any time you’re giving your tribe any type of knowledge that you want them to go out and use in the world.” She helps people look at their value shared from a learning perspective and helps them present the material in the most efficient and clear way.

We chat all about Lindsay’s unique strengths in teaching, learning, creativity, relationship building, and out-of-the-box thinking. She uses these strengths to make a huge impact in the online world of teaching and giving entrepreneurs a voice with their content and knowledge. Lindsey even shares with us how she encourages people to pick up a spoon and say “this is what I believe in” to build a tribe online and back up your big “why”. Enjoy the episode!

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