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On this episode, I’m talking with Lindsey Nelson, an Academic Empowerment Coach and Owner of Opportunity Unlocked

Lindsey empowers creative kids (and their families) by showing them how they can leverage curiosity to experience more success learning math, science, and engineering. Lindsey uses everyday experiences to make difficult math and science content accessible, relevant, and fun. As an academic empowerment coach, Lindsey works with students one-on-one and has more widely-available educational resources to strengthen the academic confidence of creative kids.

We are going to chat all about Lindsey's unique strengths and how they are leveraged in academic coaching. We tackle the tough question of “What are your weaknesses, and what are you doing to manage them?”, and Lindsey even answers one of my fun questions at the end, "If you had to get a tattoo, what would it be of and why?" with a very fitting response that aligns perfectly with a childhood passion. Enjoy the episode!

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