Do you ever wonder why you make certain choices? Why you do what you do? Why you like certain things? Why you are better at some things than others? Why you are the way you are?

There's a reason. It's your talents.


Many people think you can excel at anything if you try hard enough. But that conventional approach is flawed and can restrict your ability to achieve greatness. According to Gallup®, there are two types of approaches to development in general:

The conventional approach to development assumes that if we are good at something, we don't need to worry about it - we maintain our strengths and work on fixing our weaknesses. First to identify an area for improvement and then develop an improvement plan.

The issue with this approach, we must believe that most (if not all) behaviors can be learned and that if we fix our weaknesses, we will attain success. This is simply not true.

The strengths-based approach to development assumes that only some behaviors can be learned, that only the best in a role can deliver the same outcomes using different behaviors, and weakness fixing may prevent failure but strengths building leads to success.

When people learn how to consciously seek and invent ways to apply their talents to their goals and tasks, their ability to perform with excellence increases substantially.


A person's most direct path to individual growth and improvement begins with a primary investment in his or her greatest talents.

Your talents - those thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that come naturally to you - are the source of your true potential. The better you can apply these talents, the greater your potential to consistently act with more confidence, direction, and hope.

In fact, Don Clifton (1924-2003), the father of strengths psychology and inventor of CliftonStrengths, discovered that while people's weaknesses rarely develop, their strengths develop infinitely.


Think of your talents - the way you naturally think, feel, and behave - as your unique set of DNA. They are a dominant part of you that is always there no matter where you go and what you do.

But because your greatest talents are such a natural part of you, they might be harder for you to pinpoint than they are for anyone else. We all need a little help in discovering our greatest talents. 

That's where the Gallup® Clifton StrengthsFinder® comes in.

The  Gallup® Clifton StrengthsFinder® is grounded in decades of the study of talents, strengths, and success. It analyzes your instinctive reactions to 177 sets of paired statements and then pulls together clues to the ways in which you most naturally think, feel, and behave. Since listing every single possible talent is impossible, it assigns you a talent theme - there are 34 talent themes in total.

Talents may evolve, but they don't change. In fact, Gallup named it "CliftonStrengths" instead of "CliftonTalents" because the ultimate goal is to build a true strength, and talent is a primary component of this formula.

Gallup describes a weakness as something that gets in the way of being successful, so successful leaders know where to concentrate their energy...and where not to. Simply being aware of an area of weakness can help you avoid obstacles and reach your business dreams faster.

As a Personal Strengths Empowerment Coach, I have all my clients take this assessment to learn more about their unique talents. This, of course, benefits you because you gain a greater awareness and appreciation for your strengths, but it also benefits me as I'm able to coach you better knowing what your unique talents are and then apply them to your unique business.


Work with Me

I include the Clifton StrengthsFinder® Top 5 assessment in most of my coaching programs, and sometimes the Full 34 Rank assessment.

Take Online

You can also take the assessment online at Click the Get Products button in the upper right corner and then select the Top 5 Strengths Access for $15 or the All 34 Strengths Access for $89. (If you have your top five and want your full rank later, you can always upgrade for $74).

Get the Book

You can purchase the StrengthsFinder 2.0 book online or at a book store. It will give you an access code in the back of the book to take the Top 5 Strengths Access online. Note: By taking online, you also get the StrengthsFinder 2.0 E-Book for download after you take the assessment.


Take the Assessment: Self-Study

When you take the assessment online, Gallup® will provide you with:

  • Signature Theme Report (Top Five) - a ranked listing with descriptions of the five themes that hold your most dominant themes...your Signature Themes.
  • Strengths Insight Report (Top Five) - a ranked listing with descriptions of your top five themes along with personalized strengths insights, which describe what makes you stand out from others with the same theme in their top five.
  • Strengths Insight and Action-Planning Guide (Top Five) - a ranked listing with descriptions of your top five themes, your personalized insights, and questions for you to answer to increase your awareness of your talents. It also includes 10 ideas for action for each of your top five themes along with questions to answer. Plus, it includes examples of what each of your top five themes "sounds like" - real quotes from people who also have the theme in their top five, along with steps for you tot take to help you leverage your talents for achievement.
  • Your Theme Sequence (Top 34 Only) - a ranked listing with short descriptions of your 34 themes.
  • StrengthsFinder 2.0 E-Book - you have access to download and read the e-book after you take the assessment.

Private 1:1 Coaching: Personalized For You

When you take the assessment by working with me, I will provide you with:

  • A unique access code to take the assessment online - either the Top 5 Strengths Access or the All 34 Strengths Access, as appropriate to the program.
  • Access to all the Gallup® resources listed above.
  • Balconies + Basements - a resource I create for all of my clients that breaks down the parts of your top five talent themes that bring you energy & joy (balconies) and the barriers, vulnerabilities, energy-draining or frustrating parts of your talents (basements).
  • Personalized coaching based on your unique talents and your unique business - many times people get their results and say, "Okay, now what?!". That's where I come in!
  • Additional resources and worksheets, depending on the program
  • Phone and Voxer/Email/Trello support throughout our coaching experience
  • Additional bonuses depending on the program

Clifton StrengthsFinder® is a registered trademark of Gallup, Inc. I am not associated with Gallup®.